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Expert Interview: Amit Dhupkar, Head of Group Technology at Singapore Post


Amit Dhupkar
Head of Group Technology, Singapore Post Ltd


Amit Dhupkar
Head of Group Technology, Singapore Post Ltd

Amit is currently the Head of Group Technology at Singapore Post Ltd. He is responsible for heading all aspects of IT for the eCommerce Logistics Business having operations in Singapore and for Quantium Solutions – Singpost’s Regional arm operating in 12 countries and 5 time zones across Asia Pacific. His portfolio covers IT Systems for any trackable item and parcels across the Group. This includes systems for multichannel booking, CRM, core operations systems, transport management, warehousing, last mile delivery, parcel lockers, EDI B2B Gateway, Track-n-Trace and financial billing applications. His team present at Singapore, in-country and remotely offshore provide application development, service desk, security, infrastructure support, deployment and roll out services across the region.

Industry of Things World: Where do you see IoT and its technologies creating the most impact?

Amit Dhupkar: I see IoT helping us in our everyday life and making it simpler and more predictable. The ability to choose where to spend your time, doing what activity is important how much time to spend on it and hence get the maximum out of your daily life, is where I see IoT making the most impact.

Industry of Things World: Where do you see the biggest challenges at the moment in terms of adoption of IoT technologies in an industrial setting?

Amit Dhupkar: I foresee evolution of common standards, security threats and interoperability being the three key challenges and hindrances in IoT adoption in an Industrial Setting.

Industry of Things World: How do you see the next 5 year evolving?

Amit Dhupkar: I can foresee our general decision making become more precise and less error prone with the adoption of IoT in almost each aspect of our life be it personal or professional. It will dramatically improve human and hence industrial productivity as we can take better decisions with the advent of data and options at our finger tips.

Industry of Things World: What are the most critical pieces missing today that will be needed to support this sort of computational ubiquity?

Amit Dhupkar: I think there would be a general amalgamation of interests of hardware, firmware, sensors and software makers into a common whole. Alliances and reciprocity would be the new norm and the most dominant combination shall set the tone for the future.

Industry of Things World: What expectations do you have regarding the Industry of Things World Asia? Which outcomes and benefits do you expect to gain from the exchange with participating companies?

Amit Dhupkar: I am looking forward to learn from my fellow peers from the Industry and particularly from Asia, where frugal innovation has set a new tone for IoT adoption. The examples coming from Asia are inspiring and pushing IoT practioners to rethink on the same use cases. I hope to inspire and be inspired by the thought leadership of participants in a region renowned for driving innovative business solutions worldwide.

Industry of Things World: Which burning questions or challenges would you like to discuss within the Industry of Things World Asia community?

Amit Dhupkar: I would want to learn and understand what the general direction is, which alliances and agreements are heading in IoT adoption, what are the new and prominent standards which have witnessed most adoption, and how would this affect investment decisions for end customers.

Industry of Things World: Shout-outs: Any sites/people/articles or books that have inspired you lately?

Amit Dhupkar: I do regularly access information via journals and articles, I enjoyed reading the Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford but off late the one book that caught my fancy was the The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab. It was very well written giving a whole new dimension to the inevitable future we are stepping in and what would it take for an organisation to succeed in the future.

The Industry of Things World team thanks Amit Dhupkar for his insights and is looking forward to welcoming him as a speaker!